The Application Process

There is no formal application form
Instead, those who wish to apply should send an "Email of Application" to MaryLou Smith:

Those interested should send an email of
application no later than August 1 to MaryLou

If you know of someone who would
be “right on” for this program, please
share this website with them and/
or send us that person’s name and
contact information so we can reach
out to them.

What to Include in Your
Application Email

  • Why you are interested
  • What you can contribute to the group
    and to a regional water conversation
    (your enthusiasm about the topic is more
    important than any water related expertise)
  • Whether you can commit to the session
    dates (Please see the home page for
  • How you have exemplified leadership in a
    Northern Colorado Community
  • Why you think water is a topic you want/
    need to understand more deeply as a
    Northern Colorado leader

Criteria for acceptance:

  • Has exemplified leadership in one of the Northern Colorado communities
  • Anticipates continued community leadership for the next 15-20 years
  • Concerned about the water future of Northern Colorado
  • Must make a strong commitment to attend sessions