The Application Process

There is no formal application form.
Instead, those who wish to apply should send an "Email of Application" to MaryLou Smith:

Your "Email of Application" should answer the questions listed below, and is due no later than July 20, 2018.
Selection of 20 will be made by a committee, seeking a diversity of participants.
The selection will be announced on August 15.

If you know of someone who would
be “right on” for this program, please
share this website with them and/
or send us that person’s name and
contact information so we can reach
out to them.

What to Include in Your
Application Email

  • Why you are interested
  • What you can contribute to the group
    and to a regional water conversation
    (your enthusiasm about the topic is more
    important than any water related expertise)
  • Whether you can commit to the session
    dates (Please see the home page for
  • How you have exemplified leadership in a
    Northern Colorado Community
  • Why you think water is a topic you want/
    need to understand more deeply as a
    Northern Colorado leader

Criteria for acceptance:

  • Has exemplified leadership in one of the Northern Colorado communities
  • Anticipates continued community leadership for the next several years
  • Concerned about the water future of Northern Colorado
  • Must make a strong commitment to attend all sessions